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The Institute offers accreditation for firms and other organizations which require public recognition of their application of quality improvement and management systems both directly to organizations and in cooperation with local trade bodies. The Institute provides education in the field of quality and works with individuals and organizations to develop quality management methods. The Institute promotes research in the science, psychology and philosophy of creating and delivering the best.

The institute provides support and professional accreditation for individuals and organisations ...

Thank you for visiting the web-site of the Institute of Applied Quality Science. The Institute is an academic body engaged in research into the science and philosophy of Quality Management systems. Part of that process involves working with commerce, industry, education and training facilitators and individuals who share that interest and are devoted to the promotion of excellence where that will be of benefit to Mankind.

Whilst there are many aspects to the study, practice and application of Quality, the Institute seeks to analyse the costs and benefits of different approaches and in particular the concept of Common Sense as an overarching principle.

Everyday, we come up against the failure of organizations to supply simple solutions to our needs. Why donít toast machine makers talk to bakers?

Sliced bread should be able to fit into toast machine slots. Check out the adjacent Slinky. It is one piece of metal. It has no engine, its only driving force being gravity and it can effortlessly and perfectly descend any number of steps without fault. It is one of the more delicious examples of what common sense quality management can do for simple and complex problems which we encounter in Nature.

If we are ever tempted to buy computer printer compatible ink cartridges instead of the incredibly expensive recommended manufacturers' ink cartridges we might have encountered the warning notices which constantly appear on our screens.

Imagine that we bought a brand new automobile and after a day's driving the fuel tank registered half full. We then popped into our local petrol station to fill up and when we did that, paid for the fuel and switched on the ignition we then heard a warning message ... 'this fuel is incompatible with your ABC automobile. Do not use un-recommended petrol as it may damage your vehicle'.

We might have a fit or simply leave the vehicle there, take a taxi to the supplier to explain that we were not buying from them again and ask for our money back. It may seem to the printer manufacturers that it is a great scheme to sell their wonderful printers at below cost to us and then sell the recommended ink at extortionate prices. It is not.

And yet these manufacturers are companies who believe that they offer the best when clearly they do not. There is no need for these practices. The alternative is much better.

Please join us today in the quest for success ...

The Institute of Applied Quality Science invites you to join its associates and partners in the pursuit of excellence.

Quality Management and the underlying principles it holds can improve our lives, make us better off, deliver everything which we want at lower costs and do that at standards of satisfaction which are higher than we might imagine possible.

In management there are many techniques and philosophies which can improve what is offered to us. Quality Management is one of those techniques and philosophies; but there is an edge, for Quality Management is something which can only live within each of us.

It is not so much the factor which separates the good from the very good but what separates everything else from the wonderful. Why have good or very good when we can can have wonderful?

In the twenty first century we find that after all of the progress which we have made that in many respects we have moved backwards rather than forwards.

One of the most unhelpful developments over the last sixty years has been the arrival of politicians devoted to passing as many laws in a short time regardless of how many laws already exist to effect what they wanted. The effect of that process is to have made the application of Common Sense illegal in so many areas of everyday life.

The management of Quality requires many ingredients and the most important of those is the application of Common Sense.

You may wish to visit the web-site of the Stratagem Philosophical Society which offers a platform for discussion on the concept and philosophy of humanityís overarching route to sucess, Common Sense. Their site is at Stratagem Philosophical Society .

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